Organizational Leadership

Group Coaching

A growing trend in the coaching industry is group coaching. The fundamentals, model and assessments are the same as in individual coaching. However, this type of coaching can be conducted with a group of four to twelve individuals usually, but not always, from the same organization. As currently practiced and starting the second month, there is one individual coaching session per month and one group session per month.

As in individual coaching this is typically done over a minimum of six months. The reason there are two individual sessions in the first month is to discover individual goals and to take and review an assessment, most often the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i).

Group coaching is often selected for at least two reasons:

1) It is more economical to the extent that the group sessions require fewer hours of the coaches time and, therefore, less expensive.

2) More importantly, group sessions provide individuals with the ability to hear and learn from other adults who are experiencing similar issues; AND, it is an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with people from other corporate departments or, in some cases, from different businesses altogether… networking!

Like all coaching, it requires strict, on-time attendance at every session.

Leadership Consulting

Few businesses (large or small) have highly trained and educated leadership professionals on staff. It makes sense to discover and team with a consultant or consultants to deal with leadership growth and development dynamics.

We at Wolf Leadership enjoy partnering with organizations that appreciate the value of leadership development and growth. We do not, however, generally come armed with canned plans and programs. Rather, we customize our work to fit customer needs, culture and goals. Having said that, we do have one resource that some companies have adopted as the core for their internal leadership development. That is the in-house developed book Leaders are Made Not Born. It offers forty skills directly related to leadership that can be used all or in part for some organizations, especially those with challenged economic resources. It comes complete with thoughts on forty topics, examples for each, questions to be asked in sessions, and suggestions for future leaders. This book and its contents are an option if desired.

Custom Presentations

There are times when progressive organizations have a leadership development program that they like but may want to augment in specific areas. Wolf Leadership Development is happy to help create and present relevant presentations that either complement existing organizational presentations, or which may stand alone. If it relates to leadership, we can help.